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Gathering of Eagles update...16JUL07

A Presumption of Innocence

Posted: 16 Jul 2007 06:21 AM CDT

From Eagle Tim Sumner, head of 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America:

You know the story. On May 17, 2006 — to celebrate the 6-month anniversary of his first demanding a timetabled withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq — John Murtha held a press conference in D.C. and stated that Marines in Haditha had, “killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” Even before the preliminary investigation had been completed and before the Marines under investigation had a chance to defend themselves, Congressman Murtha used his office to inquire and publicly pronounced them guilty.

Last week, the investigating officer recommended that the charges against LCpl Justin Sharratt be dismissed, in his strongly worded official report:

Ultimately, there is only one statement by an eyewitness to the events, LCpl Sharratt, and his version of the events is strongly corroborated by independent forensic analysis of the death scene… From as early as February 2006 LCpl Sharratt’s statements are supported by the forensic evidence.

Congressman Murtha did not mention that at his May 17, 2006, press conference for the investigation had not run its course, that independent forensic analysis had not been conducted and compared to testimony. He just rushed to judgment and pronounced United States Marines ‘guilty’ under Jack Murtha’s law.

Here is the not funny part: on July 11, 2007, his office announced that, “Congressman Murtha doesn’t have a statement because the investigation is still ongoing.” Meaning of course, he cannot take the political risk of repeating his slanderous allegations of last year.

I want Congressman Murtha to apologize or resign. Actually, I want him to apologize and resign.

As I live nearby, I will visit Congressman Murtha’s district office in Johnstown the week of July 23, 2007.

Send me your emails and I will gladly deliver a paper copy of them while I am there.

The Gathering of Eagles folks have provided a place to post your emails online. No email addresses will be displayed yet please tell us your name and city and state.

Regardless of where you live, I welcome your comments. Did you know that if you live outside of his district, his official site will not accept them?

Please, CLICK HERE AND BE SUCCINCT AND CIVIL, while telling Congressman John Murtha how you really feel.

Eagles up!

Sunday Reflections

Posted: 15 Jul 2007 12:21 PM CDT

Every so often I read something that inspires me, that lifts me up, dusts me off, and puts me back on the front lines to fight. These articles are admittedly few and far in between, but when I find them it is like a fresh clip of ammo dropped into my foxhole by Providence when I thought perhaps all was lost. This is one of those.

Written by Chris Hill, Nat’l Director for GOE, it is a snapshot of the things in my heart. I was reading it this morning, just toodling along, thinking, “Yes, this is how I feel…this is good stuff…” and then the last paragraph hit me.

This war must be won. I promised a Gold Star mother recently that I would not let her son’s, Sgt Brian Romines, sacrifice to have been in vain. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to support our brave men and women over in The Box. We have not lost Senator Reid, and I, for one am offended that you would say so. I would bleed on the flag to keep the stripes red. Is that too much to expect of an elected official? Sadly, the answer to that is probably yes. [emphasis added]

That one sentence brought me to my proverbial knees.

I feel this way.

I feel it with every fiber of my being, and I am moved to tears to be reminded that there are others in this country who feel the same–who would stand on the front with nothing but their hearts if need be, defending not only the freedoms we cherish, but the memories and honor of those who purchased them for us. Events like GOE 1 in D.C.–and the upcoming GOE rally on September 15th–are imperative. Our freedoms–and our children’s lives–depend on our ability and our willingness to face whatever evil may arise, with honor, conviction of soul, and the courage to do what needs to be done. These are not pretty words. They are the reality, the ever-sobering fact that we are a nation at war. We are a people fighting for our lives.

Bravo Zulu, Chris. See you on the front lines in September.

Letter to A Veteran: Was it worth the Sacrifice?

Posted: 14 Jul 2007 10:26 PM CDT

Dear Veteran,

I understand that you must go to war when our country asks you and I understand that going to war for you means leaving your families, friends, loved ones, and neighbors. I understand that the possibilities you face are more definite than what I know and that you realize you may not come back the person you were before you left, or at most, you may not come back alive. But, what I don’t understand is if you think the sacrifice was worth it? Did WE live up to your expectations for what you gave to us? When you heard of home, were you glad to hear that we were standing up for you? Or did we let you down?


Was it Worth It?

San Francisco, CA

Dear Was it Worth It,

First I would like to praise your understanding of the meaning of patriotism. It seems like as our great nation becomes more assimilated over the past two centuries, and the free spirit on whom it was founded has become watered down taken for granted by many.

You asked whether or not if I believed the sacrifice was worth it. Without hesitation I will answer emphatically “YES”. Unlike a few, but like many fellow American patriots, I believed that protecting my country and family was like a “right of passage”. Throughout time, young men in every culture have in some form or another, participated in this passage from boyhood to manhood. So, whether you are out proving that you are a warrior by stalking a bear or mountain lion with a bow and arrow, or you kill a lion with a sling shot, or you march off as a boy to defend your beliefs and country, then come back a man of responsibility, it is all tied together in our history of manhood.

The next question is you ask of me is very disturbing deep in my soul and the soul of hundred of thousands from my era. You see, up till 1965-1973, previous wars were met with very little resistance. The majority of the nation felt threatened in some way, and supported the wars in whatever way they could. The spirit of patriotism ran like the mighty Mississippi River, deep and wide. However, something changed to that spirit when foreign sympathizers started poisoning the minds of Americans with the help of the left controlled media during the Vietnam era.

We as fighting soldiers were oblivious to what was happing back home in the states. Letters from home were more precious than gold, and our families would not discuss the politics and bad press in an attempt to shield us from an already ugly war.

So when the majority of us stepped off the plane expecting to come home to a hero’s reception, we were yelled at, spat upon, called “Baby Killers”, and any other name these weird dressed, sign carrying, crazy people could think of to call us.

I was in total shock and confusion. Here we had given the best four years of our lives to our country and no one would even look us in the face. When I got home no one wanted to discuss how it was or what happened. They really didn’t want to listen to any of the stories of the experiences I went through. After a while I just with drew into a shell and tried to pick up the pieces the best I could, and moved on trying to make a life for my family.

So to answer your last question, “ did my country let me down”. It may have let me down, but I have never let it down. I continued to serve as an Law enforcement Officer, helping the very people that turned their back on me, just like they are today, turning their backs on our brave men and women in Iraq who are protecting us from the GREATEST threat we have ever faced as a nation. Wake up America before it is to late.


US Navy Veteran: Petty Officer, 3rd Class,

Dan Abernathy

* If you would like to write to Letters to A Veteran, please email your letter and contact information to the email address, Note: GOE reserves the right to choose to publish any and/or all letters submitted.

*If you are a Veteran and would like to contribute to this weekly posting, please email your name, military branch, and rank to . Note” GOE reserves the right to choose to publish any and/or all submissions.

Facing Cindy Sheehan: Operation Welcome to Columbus is a SUCCESS!

Posted: 14 Jul 2007 04:12 PM CDT

This comes in from Matt Krause, dedicated Eagle down in Georgia. He and other Eagles faced up to Cindy Sheehan at the “rally” today in Columbus, Georgia, close to the gates of Ft. Benning.

I’m proud to announce that our little band of Eagles outnumbered Ms. Looney Bird and her band of society’s rejects by 2-1! We had our Eagle signs to hold up for her; reprints of the ones used against ANSWER back in March. Four of our local Eagles are also part of Rolling Thunder, so they brought their bikes down to the event. The bikers brought with them a beautiful American flag, which was proudly displayed for everyone to see.

The Columbus Police Dept. was out in force to ensure everyone’s safety. Beyond the gates of the base, we could see the MPs ready to take action in case one of the rejects tried to enter. While we did have to stay a bit flexible, the police did everything in their power to make sure we could exercise our Freedom of Speech. CPD was efficient and professional, and I
really appreciate their efforts in assisting with approval of our last minute event.

We were onsite at 9am, with demonstration permit in hand. We held our signs so passing motorists could see them as they entered and exited the base. After an hour, a rag-tag convoy arrived. It was quite a pitiful sight. They had a few cars, a tiny RV, a beatup pickup truck, and one of those little electric cars. Look everyone, it’s the Looney Bird Express! lol At
first they tried parking down the side street in our parking area, but the police made them move. Unfortunately the police ended up allowing them to park between us and our cars, meaning that any of our late arrivals would have to pass them in order to get to us.

An incident occured when a young man and his two kids arrived late; the kids holding signs showing support for their mom, who is deployed to Iraq. Details are a little sketchy, but it looks like some of Cindy’s group made hurtful comments as they passed, causing the little girl to cry. Their dad fired a verbal salvo back at the rejects, and we were able to tuck them under our Eagle wings when they got to us.

We could tell right away that the rejects weren’t expecting us. One of their organizers had quite a hard time trying to get through our line along the road. Beth, one of our most outspoken Eagles here in town, followed the guy around, holding her sign up so he could see it. (The first time I saw Beth in action, she was “escorting” two infiltrators back to their lines during GOE1.) Cindy’s organizer went over to the police in the hopes that they could move from the side street they were on, to the main road along which we were set up.

The police said they would allow Cindy & Co. to stand on the sidewalk across the side street from us. I had to giggle, as that sidewalk was 20 feet from the road, down a steep hill, making it almost impossible to see them from the main road! haha! When we first arrived we could have had that spot, instead choosing the other side, where we could stand along the curb of the street. An early Eagle gets the best spot.

After some polite pleading with the police, we were allowed to approach Cindy’s band of rejects. We got to within 10 feet of them before the police rethought their decision and asked us to fall back to our primary position. I tried not to listen to her lies,”blah blah torture, blah blah impeachment, blah blah blah”. Everything out of their mouths was just the most idiotic
bunch of bull manure that I’ve ever heard. I think I need to wash my ears. All in all, it was a great two hours. After a small rant, Cindy & Co retreated back to their convoy, so most of us began to pack up. A handful of us were still on the road when they drove past, with Cindy yelling things out the window of her RV. Such class!

Eagles, if you’re close to one of the Looney Bird Express’ proposed stops, please think about getting a demonstration permit and countering her message. We’ve got to make sure that our voices are heard.

Eagles Up!

Matt Krause

Intel Says Moonbat Group May Assault the Vietnam Wall

Posted: 14 Jul 2007 11:26 AM GMT-06:00

A “very preliminary” report by law enforcement in Maryland has come across the wire saying that an anarchist group is looking to deface the Wall on September 15th during ANSWER’s rally in Washington, D.C.

This will not be allowed to happen, period. We are acting on this intel and we’re certain that Eagles will be there in force to assure the safety and sanctity of our hallowed grounds.

Be aware–September 15th will be quite a showdown. Please consider either being there yourself or helping someone else get there by donating to GOE.

Thank you for your continued support. EAGLES UP!

GOE’s Samek Charges ALL Eagles to Counter “Retiree” Cindy Sheehan

Posted: 13 Jul 2007 10:45 PM GMT-06:00

An anti-war protest in Bryant Park at 1701 West Morehead Street of Charlotte, NC at 5:00 pm has led Cindy Sheehan to “come out” of retirement. Sheehan will be countered by GOE’s Eagle George Samek and his crew of anti-Moonbat ducks on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 3:00 pm sharp.

GOE requests ALL AVAILABLE Eagles to join Samek and his ducks!

Samek requests ALL participating Eagles to bring all available anti-war material, flags, signs, and bullhorns.

Eagles-let’s show Ms. Sheehan we hacve not “forgotten” her during her short-lived retirement!

Eagles UP!

Daily Contemplation: The Evolution of America

Posted: 13 Jul 2007 10:12 PM GMT-06:00


I have to tell you that as I walked the halls of the Atlanta Home Dec. Show today, I saw an empty building which used to burst at its seams with bustling buyers looking for the next big retail “hit.”

I was saddened as I overheard a woman complaining about how she must close her store because she cannot get people to shop. I became enraged when the next comment she produced was, “The economy is so bad because we, as Americans, just had to elect the most retarded man in the USA as President…this damn war in Iraq has ruined us all!”

I was shocked and though, in a professional setting, was about to become unglued! As she approached me I lightly touched the bold pin of the American Flag on my breast and smiled wanly at her.

It was then that a heart-breaking satisfaction and patriotic pride soared thru my whole being as the woman she was walking with quietly whispered- “My son died in this ‘damn war’ so that you could continue keeping your doors open to commerce and free trade rather than close them under a dictator rule defined by old world religion.”

With that she turned on her heel and walked away.
The woman stood there with her mouth open and a look of horror on her face and as my eyes met hers and she realized I had overheard the conversation; it was then that the severity of what had transpired struck her and tears rolled down her cheeks.

I walked over to her and said, “Ma’am, that woman and her son represent America and you have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. God Bless You.”

As I walked away I meditated on the event and realized that this “minute” occurrence changed three women’s lives forever; a lamb became a lioness, a dove became an eaglet, and an eaglet became an Eagle- as the evolution of America should be.

May this event inspire you as it did me. God Bless and Eagles–Soar!

Your Eagle Sister,

U.S. President, Key U.S. General in Iraq Praise Effort Connecting Americans, Combat Troops

Posted: 13 Jul 2007 09:46 PM GMT-06:00

Roseville CA - July 12th, 2007 - The President of the U.S., along with a key U.S. general in Iraq, have recognized how Troops Need You is enabling average Americans to deliver what U.S. troops need to win over Iraqi locals.

“Thank you for supporting those who sacrifice so that future generations may live in peace and freedom,” the President wrote.

The President continued to praise the work of Troops Need You, a citizen-led troop support effort that is mobilizing the American people in direct support of combat troops in Iraq.

Troops Need You completes shipments to U.S. troops in response to requests they receive from local Iraqis. Battalion leadership confirms that such taliored, local solutions help improve the lives of Iraqis, and can be leveraged to motivate Iraqis to stand up for their own government and security. Thus, the resources that Americans are delivering to the troops are actually contributing to overall mission success.

The letter from the President arrived shortly after similar letters of praise from General Petraeus, the top coalition general in Iraq, and Lieutanant General Odierno, the Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq.Troops Need You fills a unique role by connecting the American people with the combat troops on the ground. High-level leaders understand the need for the troops to have the resources they need to motivate the Iraqi people to stand up for their own security and government. the American people with the combat troops on the ground. High-level leaders understand the need for the troops to have the resources they need to motivate the Iraqi people to stand up for their own security and government.
Need for Even Greater Citizen Involvement Increased attention from military command, media results in more combat troops requesting support

Troops Need You is growing quickly, as a result of the increased attention from government leaders, as well as increased media attention.More combat troops are requesting support, which means that more Americans are needed to get involved, by donating or volunteering to help organize support for specific units.

The vision of Troops Need You is to establish sponsorships between Americans, who raise the support needed to deliver $5,000 in goods per month, and the 50 battalions who are fighting in the most critical areas of Iraq. Groups like churches, political groups, corporations, and civic organizations are well-suited to carry out the role of a sponsor for a combat battalion.

Just as the President praised of “the wonderful things Troops Need You is doing for the troops,” this is the time for more people to get involved so Troops Need You can connect even more Americans with the troops who need their support.

About Troops Need You Troops Need You is a charitable organization dedicated to maintaining the American tradition of mobilizing citizens to directly enable wartime success. By using donated funds from people across the country, Troops Need You delivers what combat units need to win over local Iraqis. Donations are accepted online at or by mail to Troops Need You, PO Box 387, Roseville California 95661.

About the Founder Major Eric Egland (Reserve) has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He earned a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College and graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has discussed national security issues on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN and NPR. Some of his experiences are featured in the upcoming Fox News documentary on Iran.

Sheehan Rally - Atlanta

Posted: 13 Jul 2007 08:12 PM GMT-06:00

Cindy Chavez (or I mean Sheehan) will be in Columbus GA on Saturday for a rally and Eagles in Georgia are preparing a response. Anyone wishing more info contact me and I will get you a contact.

As the state coordinator for the Gathering of Eagles for Georgia, I am so pleased to join the group (get the bail money out again) that will “welcome” her as she arrives for a speech at the Seven Stages Theater in Atlanta at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. She is speaking for the presentation of a play on Marxism.

She is a dishonor to her son who lost his life in Iraq while serving in a cause, a conflict, and a military that he chose to support. He had a short but distinguished career. Many Eagles will join me in standing to confront her in Honor of her son and his sacrifice on the altar of freedom.

On Tuesday the 17th I will join George “Bull Horn” Samek in Charlotte, North Carolina for a huge rally in response to her appearance there.

If you can’t be with us then please think about the servicemen and women who serve to protect and defend you everyday. Remember to add this verse I have written to sing whenever I hear the song “God Bless America” which goes like this:

“God Bless our servicemen, wherever they may be,

Stand beside them, and protect them, as they fight for liberty,

In the desert, in the mountains, o’er the ocean, white with foam,

God bless our servicemen. bring them safely home,


The war and support for or against it is something each individual must decide for themselves. But we should never abandon those who put themselves in harms way to insure our freedom.

Somewhere on a island in the Pacific, these words are carved on simple stone monument in memory of those who fought and died there during WWII:

“When you go home, go home to your families and say, to insure their tomorrow, we gave our today.”

There will be many events in the next few months in support of the troops. I will be in Atlanta tomorrow, Charlotte Tuesday, Walter Reed first Friday in August, back in DC 15 September for a huge anti moonbat and support and fund the troops rally and also in DC with another “Vets To Washington Project Trip”.

If anyone would like additional info on any event or info on what you as one person by yourself can do to support the troops please contact me. This is one place where one person can make a difference and you can do that by reaching out and touching the life of a servicemember.

Thanks and See you at the Rally.

Doug Hastings
GOE State Coordinator: Georgia


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