Thursday, November 8, 2007

Elvis Presley Strikes New Album Deal with Virgin Records!

Eye catching headline, don't you think? Plays right in with all the Elvis and UFO sightings. Remember Dennis Kucinich admitting the other day that he had seen a UFO while visiting with Shirley McClain? I wonder if Ron Paul might have been on board? It would seem to me he must have been SOMEWHERE the past year or so, because the man doesn't think that the Iraq surge is working...(hat tip to Stop the ACLU for this)

Do they put olives in the martinis on those interstellar flights? Or little pearl onions? Personally I'm a Jack Daniels sort of guy but...


I hope all you Paul supporters are happy with what you've been supporting. Ron Paul, the man who puts in for earmarks on wild shrimp, then votes against the budget so he can say that he voted against it and still get his earmarks.

Gotta love a man who works both sides against the middle.

Here's the truth about the surge:

(click images to enlarge for better reading)

If those of you who support Paul still wish to do so, that's your business. Be sure to let us know how the view is. I've never actually HAD the desire to stick my head in the sand, but that seems to be popular with some people, so if any of ya'll want to send us a report on what it's like...

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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