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Berkeley shows it's collective ass to Move America Forward

[Update- Live updates and photos from the showdown in Berkeley, all day updating, February 12, 2008]

[Foreword: I'm not mincing words with this one, I'm not going to be polite. I'm not going to be nice. If this bothers you, don't read any further. But if you love your country, you love the men and women who stand ready to defend your rights and freedoms, if you love liberty, then read on.]

If you haven't been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, or if you've been getting your news from somewhere other than the dinosaur media, then you're well aware of the situation going on in Berkeley, CA. We've covered it here, on this site, more than adequately.

Move America Forward has a rally scheduled for tomorrow to protest the city's treatment and stand against the United States Marine Corps. Berkeley has shown it's true color to MAF, and that color is pink. As in Code Pink, the left wing nut job organization that started all of this business in Berkeley.

Now, to be honest, Berkeley takes offense and deference at being labeled as unpatriotic, un-American, traitors, seditious, and any number of such names and labels that have been hurled at them for their anti-military stance. I don't know WHY they take such offense at being correctly labeled, but they do. If they can't handle the heat...

Move America Forward has followed all the legal processes for obtaining permission for their event in Berkeley tomorrow, and here, in an email sent to WUA by Melanie Morgan, are the conditions that the city of Berkeley has put upon MAF:

Catherine Moy, our Executive Director for Move America Forward, met with Berkeley City officials today, including representatives of the police department about our rally and protest of Berkeley's outrageous resolution condemning our Marines at the Recruiting Center as 'unwanted and uninvited intruders.'

Um, it did not go so well.

Oddly, some were outwardly HOSTILE towards our patriots.

Cat Moy suggested that the city of Berkeley just start waterboarding us right now.

The police liason was NOT amused.

Among the demands from the bureaucrats is that we provide:

-sign language intrepreters for hearing impaired (how Berzekeley.)

-porta-potties for the disabled.

-shut down our sound system at 5:00 when our rally is scheduled to begin!

-and many other ridiculous permit rules.

CodePink has preferred parking, free sound permits, and two City Council Members plotting over the weekend to deny us our right to speak at the Council meeting at 7:00 tomorrow night. Oops, did I say 7:00? Now it appears the Council is meeting secretly at 5:00 in the afternoon.

Fascism by Regulation.

It's what Berkeley does best.

May I remind our not-so-esteemed members of the Berkely City Council what our Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guardsmen do for us without thought about any political affiliation?

1. Toys for Tots program

2. Kartina and other domestic hurricane relief

3. Tsunami relief

4. Disaster relief efforts globally without restrictions as to nationality, religious affiliation, governments or political reference.

5. Drug Interdiction along the US borders

6. Safety and security of our Embassies.

I will be there, and I hope you will join me as we stand strong and proud with our military men and women, and especially the USMC.


Melanie Morgan

I'm sure they WANTED to bring out the water hose and a pine plank, but that would be too much like what they have a fit about, wouldn't it?

Seems like a rather hypocritical set of demands from a city counsel trying to show it's best face to Washington in order to ease the threats of a removal of federal funding for the city. Code Pink gets pretty much free reign of the city, but MAF is supposed to have their sound systems off at the time the rally is supposed to start?


What else can you expect from them when the mayor is wearing what appears to be a pink beret in support of code pink?'

What follows are target specific to the groups that will be involved in tomorrows events; a message from me, personally, to these groups and individuals. Put it in your "for what it's worth" category.

First of all to Code Pink. Congratulations. I've encountered a number of bullies in my time, but you all take the cake. You know that no man of honor who still adheres to the old codes of Chivalry (and there are those of us who are out there, a lot of them wearing uniforms) would in good conscious fight a group of women. You use sex as a weapon in your propagation of propaganda that is aimed at taking the courage and conviction of young men would might be willing to enlist in the armed forces of our nation, in this case specifically the Marine Corps, and do your dead level best to effectively neuter, no, castrate them with your sense of false honor, false virtue, and false morality. The very actions that you undertake are divisive and seditious, amoral, and would have men sit at home to do nothing, putting our nation at risk. You deserve no respect, you deserve nothing but contempt for your outrageous behaviors.

To the Mayor of Berkeley and the Berkeley City Counsel: you are guilty of willful misconduct and violations of your oaths to the Constitution of the United States, if indeed you took such oaths of office. Nonetheless, you, as a body, have promoted acts of sedition and treason during a time of war. Rightfully, you should be considered a city in rebellion against your nation, and treated thusly. I see no reason that any of you should be allowed to remain in office other than the lack of will of the American people at large to prosecute you for these acts against your nation. I personally have advocated your secession from the union, and would urge you to begin consideration of such at this time if you have not already begun to do so. Many of us would like nothing more than to see you withdrawn from our nation for making your stand; indeed it is public knowledge that you are already beginning to see the loss of revenue from businesses that will have nothing further to do with your city.

And yes, to that one former member of the Marine Corps, you are indeed, sir, an EX-Marine. The Corps has a saying, "once a Marine, always a Marine." This does not apply to you, by your own declaration you ARE an Ex-Marine. A friend of mine at work said to me once recently that there is only one ex-Marine, and that is Lee Harvey Oswald. You are in good company, sir, in taking the stance of being an ex-Marine.

Bravo, Mr. Mayor and Berkeley City Counsel. You have made your position clear. We are more than willing to accommodate you and let you go on your own.

To the citizens of Berkeley: there is no middle ground for you in this. You are either citizens of the United States of America or you are rebels. Each and every legal citizen of you has enjoyed the benefits of freedom assured you by the blood of patriots through the various and sundry engagements and wars that our armed services have participated in through the 200 plus years of our nations existence. You stand at a crossroads, and have a choice; remove from office those treasonous and seditious members of your city counsel. Make a stand, one way or the other. There are no gray areas in this one. Sitting on the sidelines will not get you recognition as a patriotic American citizen.

Choose. America is watching.

Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward: I wish that circumstances would allow this army veteran to stand with you tomorrow, but I will be with you in spirit, as will countless other veterans across our nation. We are proud of you for taking a stand for our younger brothers and sisters on active duty in the Marines, but this goes beyond just the Corps. It affects the rest of us from other branches, as well, and we realize this. There is a long standing rivalry between the services, by tradition, but it's a friendly rivalry, and if you pick a fight with one branch, you've picked a fight with all branches. I know that I speak for other veterans and current members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard when I say WHOOWAAH! Give'em HELL in Berkeley!

Finally, to my brothers and sisters in and out of uniform, those of you who have given of yourselves to ensure that we, as a people, continue on this earth. If you are in range, if there is any way you can make it to Berkeley tomorrow, GO. This should be a full frontal assault upon those who would undermine our ability to defend our nation from its enemies. You will be confronting, head on, "enemies domestic." Stand proud, stand fast, and remember the love of our nation that prompted you, as soldiers, as sailors, as Marines, to put on the uniform and offer yourself to be put in harms way that your families, your loved ones, might live free against tyranny and oppression.

To the rest of the nation, take this to heart, and hear my words well. We, the silent majority, are no longer remaining silent. Your Code Pinks, your Cindy Sheehans, your MoveOn.orgs are hereby on notice. Patriotic men and women are arising and will not let you turn our nation to socialism, to communism, unchecked. We are a nation of laws, tradition, and integrity. We will not allow you to run rough-shod over us, to dictate to us from your position as the vocal minority, to ram your anti-American rhetoric down our throats.

We will no longer let anyone make apologies for being Americans. We will accept nothing short of loyalty to our nation. This isn't a call for a fascist regime to be established, this is a call for Americans to live freely without the burden of overbearing government that panders to groups who do not have our best interests as citizens, but their own self interests as organizations and groups, to demand that the laws of our land be followed and enforced.

If not, then we need not make any pretense of continuing as a nation of laws.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man

Postscript: Jamie Colby of FOXNews has an article addressing tomorrow's scheduled day of events in Berkeley by MAF. Feel free to drop by there and leave a comment of your own there, as well as leaving your comments here at WUA. I have already left my thoughts there, as well.

Spree's comments:

Comment by SD
February 11th, 2008 at 5:00 pm


Your actions are reprehensible and trying to claim that you meant no offense to our troops, our Marines themselves, is belied by the your actions and the wording of the resolution itself.

We have been constantly keeping updates and publishing stories on this and we will continue to do so.

Being that you have shown that you stand with the Anti-American, Military bashing Code Pink, you should step down because you are an embarrassment and continue to embarrass the whole town of Berkeley by pretending to represent them.

As long as you are their public face, the whole town will be painted with the Anti-Military brush that you represent.

Those Marines, in fact any military member, from the day they sign up are saying “I will die for you” and your pathetic response to them is to insult them, show them disrespect and join with a group that harasses them daily as you allow them to do.

You do not deserve ANY federal funding and I will continue to call my representatives and tell them to join Senator DeMint to strip you of all earmarks and federal funds.

Sir, YOU are a disgrace.

My comments:

Comment by MT
February 11th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

There are no words to express my outrage at this situation that you and your bully friends at Code Pink have thrust upon this nation. You and your entire city counsel are, in my mind, guilty of sedition and treason.

If you hate our nation so much, press for secession. Begin the process of removing yourselves from the Union. I know that I’ll be pushing for it to be allowed. If you don’t want to be a part of us, we certainly don’t want to stop you from not BEING a part of us. I personally am more than willing to accommodate you in any way, shape, manner, form, or fashion in which I can gladly and willingly help the people of Berkeley take their town and make it a nation in and of itself, with all that comes with it.

You disgust me to no end.


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