Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama on Wright: Does Anyone Else Smell...Something?

If you haven't been living under a rock or off on safari in Africa you know who Jeremiah Wright is by now. God knows we've seen enough of him on television, heard him on radio, and there are no telling how many countless youtube and other vid sites of him by now.

After (how many does this make now, discounting Hannity's first revelations about Wright last year?) weeks of listening to Wright "God Damn"ing America, Barack Hussein Obama (yes, I'm going to use his middle name, it's his damned name, isn't it? if he doesn't like it, he should change it to Harold or something like that. No more bullshit over that, either) has finally publicly denounced the former pastor in Winston-Salem, North-Carolina.

Obama is trying to tamp down the uproar over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright at a tough time in his campaign. The Illinois senator is coming off a loss in Pennsylvania to rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and trying to win over white working-class voters in Indiana and North Carolina in next Tuesday's primaries.

"I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened over the spectacle that we saw yesterday," Obama told reporters at a news conference Tuesday.

His strong words come just six weeks after Obama delivered a sweeping speech on race in which he sharply condemned Wright's remarks but did not leave the church or repudiate the minister himself, who he said was like a family member. After weeks of staying out of the public eye while critics lambasted his sermons, the former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago made three public appearances in four days to defend himself.

Does anyone else smell horse shit here? Obama attends Wright's church for what, twenty years, doesn't say anything negative about Wright's stand on things, which unless he was sleeping he's sure to have picked up on, unless he's CLUELESS, in which case we have to wonder if he's competent enough to be in the positions he's in both as Senator and as Presidential candidate.

Horse shit. He's outraged? OUTRAGED? I'm outraged that there are people out there who are buying this load of second rate manure that isn't fit for composting, let alone for good fertilizer. There is one reason Obama is making this stand, and one reason only: Political Expedience. That's it, nothing else. He hasn't tossed Wright under the bus, he's drop kicked him for distance and is hoping he lands far enough away that the taint and stink is gone.

Guess what, Barry H. Obama (sounds kind of Irish if you use it the way he preferred to be called before entering politics, doesn't it?), there are some of us out here who are paying attention, some of us out here aren't the mindless hordes fainting and fawning over your every empty word, listening to you prattle on about change and hope and all this empty hot air that comes out of your well groomed, ivy-league prepared lawyer's glib tongued mouth.

We are not impressed.

For over a year we have watched Obama rise like a freshly prepared bread dough waiting for the oven, but just like that bread dough, if you poke a hole in it, the air is going to come out and you're going to be left with nothing but the outer skin. THAT is your Rock Star Presidential Candidate, America. That's Barack Obama. No substance, nothing of meaning.

Kind of makes you wonder why all of the terrorist organizations around the world hope he's our next President, doesn't it?

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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