Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ACLU Thugs Out To Stop Prayer Again

Hat Tip to Stop the ACLU.

What is it about this country that we have let a group founded by admitted communists bully our liberties away from us using our own court systems against us?

Since when does the ACLU have any business in telling anyone what they can't do when it's well in accord with their Constitutional rights as citizens?

NO WHERE in the United States Constitution nor in ANY of the Amendments does it state that there is to be a separation of Church and State.

Yet and still, the jackboots of the ACLU go marching again, threatening legal action against Ohio and Wisconsin, ordering them to stop public prayers or else.

ADF advises officials in Ohio, Wisconsin
regarding constitutionality of invocations

Officials in two states threatened by anti-religious organizations

GREENFIELD, Ohio, and MADISON, Wis. — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys sent letters to public officials in two states Friday, advising leaders of both bodies regarding the constitutionality of allowing public meetings to open with prayer. Both the Greenfield City Council and the Wisconsin State Assembly have received legal threats from anti-religious organizations.

A prayer before public meetings is one of our oldest and most cherished American traditions, and it is sad that some radical secularist groups are trying to eliminate the practice,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Mike Johnson. “The First Amendment allows public officials, and not the ACLU and its allies, to decide what is appropriate for acknowledging our nation’s religious history and heritage.”

Greenfield officials received a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union threatening legal action if their opening invocations are not censored or prohibited, while Wisconsin officials received a similar demand from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

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It is time that we, the majority of citizens in this country who are tired of being badgered and aggravated by a bullyish minority in this country, take a stand, and shut these America-hating communists down once and for all.

Contact your senators and congressmen today, and insist that they put forth legislation stopping funding to the ACLU and other such organizations.

Join the American Center for Law and Justice and help fight the ACLU

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