Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Regarding the Klan, the Panthers, and Confederate Gray...

I want to make things perfectly clear as I write this. I come from a mixed racial background; I'm classified as Caucasian, but that's really only a surface issue in regard to that I'm not as dark as my Cherokee ancestors. No one of mixed heritage, and most, I repeat, MOST Americans ARE from a blending of ancestors of different heritage, has any right or reason to take up the outmoded and degrading concept of racism. I equate the Black Panthers as being on equal ground with the Ku Klux Klan in their concepts of racial ideology.

That being said...

I was asked in town today by someone I know if I had voted. I smiled and said "I'm a veteran, I'm a soldier at heart still today, and I'm a patriot. I wore my Confederate gray shirt and went to the polls and voted.

In the past couple of years I've written a few times about the attitude and demeanor of a great number of Southerners that I know and have been associated with in my work travels. We don't see an Obama victory as healing anything; we don't see him as a unifier, we don't see him as a healer, we don't see him as a "messiah." Most of us see him for what we read him to be by listening to him speak and examining his associations. We see him as a Black Liberation Theology Marxist Totalitarian who's been manipulated into a position he has no business nor experience in being elevated to, and in my mind, and the minds of some I've talked to today, it's become obvious in part who has been behind the rise of the Obama as Black Panthers have stationed themselves at polling places in Pennsylvania.

I don't believe in coincidence.

I'm too damned old to start believing in it now.

The time for campaigning by those of us working to bring out the truth is coming to an end, today, as today we decide, as a nation, who we are going to send not only into the White House, but into a great number of Senate and House seats that are up for election today as well. We stand at a crossroads that many Americans who don't understand nor study and research history understand.

We are reliving a collision of the Compromise of 1850 and the 1860 election cycle all over again.

May God help us as a nation, whichever way this election day goes. It is highly conceivable, and I'm not calling for anything in saying this, I'm merely reporting the rumblings that I hear when I'm traveling, that our nation fractures once again into armed conflict depending upon how the numbers come in tonight.

If and when that happens, some of us will have to make a decision, once again, as our ancestors did over a century and a half ago, of which flag we fight under.

I'm a veteran, and I'm a patriot. But I know that I speak for many others out there who are also veterans and patriots when I say, God help me, I don't know that I can say for sure what I'll do when what many Southerners have been expecting to happen through the generations since 1865, that feeling in the back of our mind, that knowledge of a day that will come when the Stars and Bars will be dusted off and someone will look to the South and say, "It's back on..."

And for most of us, like last time, it will have nothing to do with race, and everything to do with personal liberty and states rights.

Once and Always, a Southern American Fighting Man


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