Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Hampshire Man Fired for Protecting Gas Station

It seems that if you are a responsible gun owner, using your legally purchased firearm to protect yourself AND your employer from loss or injury by would be thieves in this country, the reward coming your way for acting in what should be and used to be a logical and appropriate manner will result in your dismissal.

Shannon "Bear" Cothran told the Telegraph of Nashua that he was working at a Shell station in Nashua early Monday when a man approached him with a knife. Police confirmed that the would-be robber fled after Cothran pulled out a gun.
Cothran said he then filed a report with Nouria Energy Corp., which owns the station, and was fired hours later even though the store manager and a district manager lobbied to save his job.
The company states that while they are "grateful" no one was injured and there was no loss of property in this instance, their no weapons policy falls in line with the policies adopted by other companies across the country. One has to wonder, however, how many companies go along with policies like this under pressure of the anti-gun lobby, and how much longer will companies continue to run along like lemmings over the edge of a cliff while convenience store employees are killed because they ARE unarmed in accordance with company guidelines?

Find contact information for Nouria Energy Corp. here, if you wish to drop them a line and tell them what you think of their policies.

Sic vis pacem parabellem (if you want peace, prepare for war)


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