Sunday, December 3, 2006

Paying Tribute: the Nazi Hunters

Simon Wiesenthal will never know the respect that I, a gentile, had for him and his work. Nor will Elliot Welles, who died this week at the age of 79.

We all know, by this point in time, unless you're an Iranian President, what the Nazis did to the Jews and to any other "undesirable, non-Aryan" peoples during WWII. That a group of people who survived the holocaust decided to hunt down those responsible for the attrocities committed by their former captors and make them pay for their actions is an amazing and remarkable thing.

The work is not over, however, as this generation passes, both the hunters and the hunted. We see in the news daily reports lashing out against Israel and against Jews, both by individuals and by those who supposedly represent the people, be it in national governments, domestic and abroad, or the current slander by Kofi Annan and others in the UN. This gives rogue nations around the world the nod, in my opinion, to conduct anti-semitic activities, knowing that the UN will blame the Jews and blame Israel anyway.

ADL, National Director issued a statement deeming the reforms of the UN an overwhelming failure.

From the day it opened for business, the U.N. Human Rights Council has never operated with any moral authority. The Council has failed in its most fundamental purpose: to monitor human rights abuses in all parts of the world. Instead, it has become a political tool wielded by its Arab and Muslim members who have the power of an automatic majority. The Council has ignored the world's worst human rights atrocities and instead has pursued Israel for political gain.

The effort as part of the U.N. reform campaign to replace the corrupt Commission on Human Rights with the revamped Human Rights Council, while well intentioned, has been an overwhelming failure.

There will be a day of reckoning, however; there always is. When that time comes, I hope, although I think I know already that there will be, other Hunters out there to bring forth the criminals against Judaism to justice. No matter what high offices they hold now (that means YOU, Mr. Annan, and YOU, Louise Arbour. Personally, I count you as being just as responsible for 9/11 as I do Osama bin Laden. Why? You're permissiveness of anti-semitism, and Arbours admission her hatred for Israel).

Know this: This time around there ARE gentiles who stand side by side with the Jews, and we take their mantra as our own. Never Again.

My respects to the family of Elliot Welles. He was a man of Honor and Valor. It is a damned shame the same can't be said for the leadership of a body that is supposed to represent the nations of the world.

Once and always, an American Fighting Man

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