Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pissed off is an understatement...

CNN, the Communist News Network, has done it yet again. They have slapped the United States military in the face.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin and Return of the Conservatives for this one.

I tend to try to maintain a civil tongue when I do my writings. This time, fuck it.

What in the HELL does CNN think they are doing putting their "sniper video" up for video on demand? Do they have that little respect for our troops and their families? I don't know which commie kissing asshole over there is responsible for this, but by GOD I'd love to see an airplane wheel fall on them right about now.

Due to a technical problem on my end,the graphic might not show here so click here to see the snapshot of the CNN on Demand sniper video offerings.

Chase Bank is sponsoring this atrocity. Call them and tell them what you think of this bullshit at (212) 270-6000.

Contact CNN CNN [(404) 827-1500] or use their contact form at or and tell them to take this OFF of their on Demand.

What utter disrespect and contempt they show. Bastards.

Once and always, an American Fighting Man (and with shit like this going on, you can see why I still am...)

[UPDATE] - I have been thinking lately that with all the conservative blogs that link to CNN and AP stories, even to point out their distortions, they are recieving quite a number of hits/traffic JUST from us. Considering how many different venues of media there are, it would definitely hit them and their sponsors if NO ONE linked to them or their stories at all, but used alternate sources for our posts. Remember, they COUNT on traffic to click on their sponsor links for additional monies to the companies.

Just something to think on. [End update]


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