Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Edwards JUST DON'T GET IT

If you want PROOF that the Breck Boy doesn't get it, send him a message telling him how you are disgusted by his call for protests on Memorial Day, as reported earlier by WUA here and here. What do you get in response? Email's from him asking for your support, and from his wife asking for you to support her husband.

SIMPLY amazing.

Dear Mike,

Memorial Day Weekend is a time to honor all the brave men and women throughout our history who have served in our armed forces, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our freedom. I believe it is our duty to use that freedom to stand up for those now serving in the most meaningful way that we can—by thanking them, supporting them, and bringing them home to a hero’s welcome.

It's time to support the troops. For far too long, George Bush has abused the rhetoric of patriotism to silence his critics and paper over the devastating cost of his war to the country we love. Our troops have served bravely and sacrificed without hesitation. Yet they are now paying the price for Bush's stubborn pursuit of his failed strategy in Iraq. Our troops deserve far better, and we all have a responsibility to stand up for them.

So this Memorial Day Weekend, I'm asking every one of us to take a stand for the troops and against the war. Let's reclaim patriotism for all of us who love our country, support our troops and fiercely believe in our hearts that this war must end now.

That's the opening of HIS. Here's the opening of HERS:

Dear Mike

I am so proud that today in Iowa, John is announcing the launch of our new group: Women for Edwards. Women from across the country—elected officials, community leaders, workers, political activists, mothers, daughters, sisters—have added their voices to the campaign.

Today, I'm asking you to join us. Please help me by sending this email on to your sister, your mother, a friend or any woman you know who might be interested in joining our campaign. Tell them the news about Women for Edwards, and let them know we need their voice.

Exactly WHAT does one have to do to make it clear when they say something like I said to them that you think that what they are doing is reprehensible?

Congratulations on your idea to turn a holiday tributing our veterans and military into a day of protest. Only the sickest, most vile of minds and cowardly of hearts could have come up with such a disgusting concept. God help me you'll not win an election if it comes to THIS veteran voting for you. Go have yourself a nice little spa day, you don't have the intestinal fortitude to run this country.


Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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