Monday, August 20, 2007

Dogging the Bounty Hunter

I've never met Duane Chapman, but I respect the man. For those of you who don't know who Duane Chapman is, he's better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Dog has what you might call a speckled past. By his own admission, he spent the first 25 years of his life on "the wrong side of the law." After a life changing event upon his release from prison, he turned himself around and now devotes his life to bringing in fugitives, helping them, and fighting the growing problem of methamphetamines in Hawaii.

And the Dog needs our help.

The Chapman family are facing a legal battle with OUR OWN GOVERNMENT regarding the 2003 apprehension of fugitive Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir, who was on the run from charges of serial rape. The Chapmans picked him up in Mexico and returned him to Santa Barbara, California, for trial (he was convicted of 86 counts of rape).

This is where things got sticky for Dog and family. Mexico filed charges against them, which have now, finally, been dropped. The problem that remains NOW is that OUR OWN GOVERNMENT has charges against them.

Our government files charges against someone who was bringing a criminal back to OUR justice system?

Where, I ask you, is the justice in that?

Click this link and get the details, and sign the petition to keep the Dog free.

He's a GOOD Dog.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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