Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introducing Vice Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton...

It's coming down to the wire. Obama has states, and Clinton has votes, I read on another analysis about the Democratic contest. Stacking the two candidates up side by side, what's the difference, really, when it comes down to it? They both want to socialize...everything. They both are liberals. They both have basically blown off their senate terms in the race for the White House. Neither of them gives a rat's ass about our troops mission in Iraq, and the damage that would be done if we pulled out our combat forces and left non-combat forces behind. They're both willing to surrender to terrorists by cutting and running. They're both clueless on how to handle the economy. They're both desirous to raise taxes on the American people. And despite claims to the contrary, they're both are really, technically, within range of picking up enough delegates to put either one over the top to be the nominee. Obama is ahead in number of delegates, but Team Clinton has pulled rabbits out of their as...errrr...hats, before.

But realistically, it does look like Obama is going to be the front runner to come out of the nominating process and head into the general election come November to face McCain. Barring, that is, something untoward happening to Obama in June, as Clinton inferred the other day, causing such an uproar, referencing the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 68. Perhaps she knows Sirhan Sirhan's relatives?

I digress.

Many pundits have referred to an Obama/Clinton ticket as a way to bridge the gap that has been created in the Democratic party this election cycle. Bridging the gap, mending the rift, sewing up the split crotch in the straddle of the pants, whatever analogy you wish to use. Screaming Howard Dean and the other heads of the DNC would love nothing more than for this whole thing to be over and done with so that they can get back to the business at hand for the Democratic Party.

Robbing the American public blind.

Um, I mean, doing the people.

Doing the people's business. That's it, doing the people's business. Doing business to the American People. Or ON the American people. OH WAIT, doing business FOR the American people.

Ok, now we're back on track and are phrasing things correctly in order to mislead people more than we had intended (to paraphrase the late Peter Jennings).

Since there is basically no difference between Obama and Clinton other than that she's a woman and he's a man, and of course that skin issue (referring to thickness, and his lack of it, I'll leave the race issue to the Democrats), why not put the two of them together on the ticket as a team, him for President since he's in the lead, her for VP since she's, well, not in the lead...

Let's look at the pro's list for teaming the two of them up in this capacity, shall we? You'd have a Presidential candidate who's running mate would be totally and completely on board with turning the United States into a socialist regime, you'd have a Presidential candidate and running mate who would be totally and completely on board. They both seem to have a bit of trouble differentiating between fact and fiction, they both have controversial spouses, they are both lawyers (back to that trouble differentiating between fact and fiction again), neither has any executive experience, and both will be willing to hand us over, lock, stock, and barrel, to the United Nations.

Isn't that a fabulous dream ticket? If this was some sort of Science Fiction movie, one could argue that really, Obama and Hillary are the same person. That would work out well for Bill, come to think of it, because then he'd have access to Michelle...hmmmmmmmmmm. Okay, let's not go there, shall we? The thought of Clinton and his willy...anyway. Policy wise Obama and Clinton are virtually indistinguishable.

Let's leave it there.

Then there is the popularity issue. He has roughly half the Democrats sewn up and on his side, so does she. Put the two of them together, and you have almost the entire Democratic party all sewn up and in one giant happy bed together. A veritable orgy of liberal-socialist policy and program planning for the next four years. And since the Democrats are the party who are so very much in favor of gay marriages, civil unions, free love, and all that, yes, I do think that orgy is an appropriate term for the Obama/Clinton years to come.

Why is that? Think about it, very, very carefully. At every orgy, someone is going to get fucked.

Grab your vaseline, America, and get ready. If either or both of these two win in November, you can guess who's gonna get fucked for the next four years...

Just an observation.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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