Friday, May 9, 2008

Obama in Jeans...This is NEWS?!?!

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin before, you guessed it, the RANT.

First, the clip:


What in the blue bloody hell was that?

Have they never seen a man in a pair of jeans before?

They were fawning like a bunch of drunken college girls at a male strip joint, for crying out loud. "Sit down!" "You're KILLING us!" "I can't SEE!"

And the whole time, the cameras are flashing, the girls are giggling, and Obama is strutting and prissing like the barn yard rooster walking around the hen house. Or at least parading back and forth in front of the hens as the coo and cackle.

And where was Michelle Obama? Home, taking care of the kids? Wonder what she thinks about this little clip?

No wonder Malkin said she threw up a little in the back of her mouth. Personally, I felt my own guts churning and cramping.

Here's the deal. What sort of image does it send to the rest of the world, this video? What sort of message is being given? Barack Obama is supposedly running for the office of the President of the United States of America. That office is the most important, the most influential, the most powerful office in our government. The President acts as the leader of the people of the United States, as the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, as representative OF the people and government of the United States to other nations around the world. There is a certain amount of respectability that comes with the office, a certain seriousness, a certain reverence of position (not to be confused with religious reverence, but a state of respectability no doubt). That doesn't make the President some sort of cold, inhuman, unfeeling individual who can't let loose with the press corps from time to time. Quite the contrary. The President and the press corps should have a relationship that is relaxed enough for them to be able to talk back and forth and interact, even with the normal bantering that comes with a familiarity.


Prissing and strutting and preening and flaunting his denim clad backside for the girls in the press traveling with him shows us what we can expect from a President Obama in regards to his character. His lack of experience in the political realm as an elected official leaves him acting more like an over-age frat boy showing off on a testosterone rush to a gaggle of sorority sisters urging him on like the center of the stage attraction for a co-ed function where all the frat brothers have passed out drunk on the sidelines and the girls are left with the last man standing who probably hasn't had as much to drink as his compadres but just enough to loosen him up for performing like the proverbial dancing chicken at the circus side show. From the get-go, the entire Obama campaign has had a certain side-show atmosphere that I wasn't really able to put my finger on until watching that clip, and that's when it hit me, he's not a serious contender, he's a side show freak who's managed to charm his way into a position in which the Chicago political machine took advantage of the messy divorce of their previous senator in order to move Obama up the ranks and shuffle him into the deck for the national scene, counting on his race to make him the Democratic "Teflon Candidate," and proclaiming any criticism of Obama or his now infamous pastor Jeremiah Wright as being racist, leaving everyone but the Clinton machine and conservative talk radio trying to quietly figure out exactly what to do to counter the Obama factor and the Democratic National Party at the mercy of threats of a repeat of the 1968 riots and protests when the convention convenes in Denver, at which time the "Messiah" will likely be given the party blessing and be anointed as the candidate for the general elections, at which point I'm sure, after watching this little clip, that we can expect Obama to break into some sort of combination Prince/Michael Jackson dance move on the stage while the women faint and scream.

God help us if Nancy Pelosi tosses her panties onto the dias.

I think I just threw up a little in the back of my OWN throat.

Once and Always, an American Fighting Man


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